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Spring Tracking: Wine Jar, aka SPQR's Waiting Room

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Opening this Saturday in the former Trio Cafe space is Wine Jar, a wine bar and small plates joint. Though it's not actually related in any way, shape or form to to The Glory that is SPQR, it's only about a half-block down Fillmore and should provide a wine-centric alternative to Harry's when it comes to waiting for your SPQR table. Peruse the gallery for some shots of Wine Jar's cozy interior, which features amenities such as a (very) little lounge area, a sleek bar, a self-contained wine room, glass two-tops and plenty of leather chairs. One of the longest-running jokes in town has been the proliferation of wine bars on every corner, but this time, dare we say it's a good spot for one, in theory at least?
· Shutterwood: Fillmore Street Gets Wine Jar, a Wine Bar [~ESF~]


1911 Fillmore Street, , CA 94115 (415) 771-7779 Visit Website