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EaterWire: Changes at Bourbon & Branch, Sunset Eatery Shut Down

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TENDERLOIN—A bit of personnel change is en route at Bourbon & Branch, everyone's not-so-secret secret bar. From Mr. Camper English: "Todd Smith has turned in his resignation at Bourbon & Branch. He's been with them since long before they opened but said, 'It's time for me to move on and do another project.' He told me he plans to take some time off and work on some consulting gigs he's firming up now, as well as potentially opening his own space with some other bartenders down the road." [Alcademics]

THE SUNSET—Now, it takes a lot for health inspectors to actually shut down a restaurant. In fact, over the last five months, only 10 restaurants have been shuttered because of health reasons, including Luisa's back in December. But on Noriega and 24th, a woeful score of 42 has brought New Hing Lung to the mercy of the health department. All the usual suspects are on the rap sheet, from a lack of thermometers to an abundance of vermin. Hope you weren't a regular. [EaterWire]

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