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Noe Valley's "Upscale" Vietnamese Hits a Zoning Snag

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For a neighborhood relatively lacking in solid ethnic options, Noe Valley sure isn't making the upscale Vietnamese joint going in on the corner of Church and 25th very welcome. We kid, but the project at 1298 Church has indeed hit a tiny zoning snag and needs a conditional use permit. Thanks to a piece of legislation passed in '06, there are three change of use permits available in Noe Valley, one of which has already been used (and this would be #2). At this point, since the odds favor 1298 Church getting approved by the commission, the bigger issue here is that this restaurant would be the second of Noe Valley's three "new restaurant allowances." In other words, any restaurateurs looking to open up in Noe Valley better hustle and get that last golden ticket.
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