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2008_03_blogger.jpgIn case you had any wonderings about the clientele at Balboa Cafe, we'd like to present a blog that talks about it all.the.time. It's (apparently) written by a 23-year-old "Bergdorf Brunette" and we honestly can't tell if it's satire or not, though either ridiculous scenario lends comedic value. Example: "Okay, so, definitely less sketch than going down to, say, your local Balboa Cafe (you know, just por ejemplo, dolls) and snuggling up next to a silver-haired fox (we all know Balboa is in no shortage of those) for a glass of pinot grigio and some awkward dad-like convo in which you both realize you have no commonalities other than the fact that he likes the way your a$$ looks in your Rock & Republics." Marina bars: causing and fixing divorces since '94. [OMG]