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Pre-Plywood Report: Tyler Florence, in the Plush Room

When it comes to Tyler Florence's first restaurant of the non-Applebee's ilk, dozens of questions swirl. After all, when TyFlo's restaurant opens in the former Plush Room space, it can be argued that it will be San Francisco's first bona-fide celebrity restaurant (note: exuberantly thrilling as this may be, it need not start a trend). Though we have some big names—the Dankos, the Minas et al.—there's no one here quite like Florence, who at this point in his career is basically personality first, chef second, restaurateur N/A. So, we'll be very curious to see how this pans out: will Florence be in the kitchen on a regular basis, or will the entire restaurant project be more of a hooker routine that sees our hero selling his name for the bucks? As for the space, work hasn't started yet; summer is the current ETA.
· Tyler Florence Opening Restaurant in Nob Hill [~ESF~]