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Mysteries, Solved: The Front Room "Forgot" About Rent

Earlier in the week, a good deal of mystery swirled around the shuttering of the Front Room. Several possible rumors emerged, ranging from weather damage to a raid by badge-flashing officials. Now, the Eater Investigative Legion has learned that the reason behind the closure is actually an unlawful detainer for non-payment of rent filed recently against the owner of the Front Room that shut the place down. Oddly enough, the detainer might encompass both aforementioned theories, since it's possible the non-payment was induced by the rumored flooding and said shuttering was enforced by official-looking folks. The upshot: word on the street is that it's probable that the Front Room will settle the matter without going to trial or being evicted; thus, if the terms of the settlement allow them to keep the restaurant, the Front Room would be free to reopen.
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