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Health Care Surcharges

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KQED's Michael Procopio pens a manifesto of sorts, calling out the many local restaurateurs who have put on a song and dance about the health care debate, and it's good: "What is most irritating to me is that these charges are being implemented by some of the busiest -- and most influential-- restaurants in the city. These chefs and owners have ridden mighty high in the good times. Now that the going has gotten tougher, they're still busy as hell but, rather than deal with their problems gracefully, these darling prime ballerine of the food press are bitching to the audience that their toe shoes are too tight ... Yes, this is a troubling time for the city's restaurants, but if these restaurateurs could stop their covert complaining and blame-gaming long enough to realize that their integrity is potentially at stake, they might hopefully get back to the business of doing business ... I just want them quit their pandering, stick out their grease-encrusted chins, and remember that the show must go on." [BAB]