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Google Exodus

2008_04_googlelogo.jpgCarolyn Jung, late of the SJ Merc's aborted food blog, has started her own blog and is already reporting quite the chef shuffle—more of a chef exodus, actually—underway at the Eden of the corporate dining world: the Google Cafeteria: "Rumor has it that there are quite a few departures upcoming at the search engine behemoth's much touted employee cafes. Executive Chef Josef Desimone is jumping ship to become Facebook's very first executive chef. Another executive chef, Sean Thomas, is East Coast-bound to work at WD-50 in Manhattan, alongside molecular gastronomy wizard Wylie Dufresne. Yet another executive chef, Nate Keller, has moved to the Google facility in San Francisco to oversee its Bridges cafe near the Embarcadero with its amazing view of the Bay. And John Dickman, the global food services director, has just plain left the building." [FoodGal]