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Napa Dispatch

Another Bay Area chef is making an appearance at New York's revered (and exclusive) Beard House, as ZuZu's Angela Tamura will host her second Beard dinner in as many years with a menu including both ZuZu's signatures boquerones and some new dishes: "Last year, three Napa Valley chefs cooked up a storm at the Beard House as part of a wine-related program sponsored by Napa Valley Vintners. They included Angela Tamura, chef/partner at Napa’s ZuZu; restaurateur/chef Greg Cole, owner of Celadon and Cole’s Chop House; and Max Duley, a well-liked local chef who’s held culinary posts at both CIA Greystone and Peju Province Winery ... When Tamura and her team returns from New York, items from the Beard menu will show up, two or three at a time, on the ZuZu menu throughout April, the chef promises. [NVR]