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Sign of the Times: Froyo Shop Gets Newspaper Review

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Anyone doubting the unstoppable power of the froyo trend should consider that a just nabbed a restaurant review in the San Jose Mercury News. Sure, the piece on Palo Alto's Fraiche is technically a "Quick Bite," but it's longer than yesterday's Bauer review of Fringale and all previous columns are actual restaurants. Written by a person completely in love with Pinkberry and the new generation of froyo (a self-proclaimed "one happy addict", if you will), the entire review is a wonder to behold in itself—we're talking about a yogurt shop, after all—but our favorite parts involve the answers to the necessary "post-review rubric":

Average meal price: $6.

Amenities: Organic, good-for-you treats in a cheery setting.

Vegetarian options: Everything!

Eat in car: Can be messy and tricky - think juggling the spoon, the cup and the stick shift.

Next-day edibility: Fine, as long as it's been in the freezer.

· A Quick Bite: Palo Alto's Fraiche serves up fresh, organic frozen yogurt [SJMN]

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