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The Joys of Luisa: Unopened Restaurant Open Since 1959

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Waitaminute here.

What you see above is the brand new canopy for Luisa Hanson's 1500, the Italian restaurant that has (almost literally) colonized the former Front Room space on the corner of California and Larkin. The curious aspect of the signage is, of course, the proclamation that 1500 has been open since 1959, when in fact, it's never been open, not even since 2008. It hasn't been open in a prior incarnation, so we have no idea what exactly has been around since '59—Luisa's in the Marina? a 49-year-old chef at 1500? the Front Room?— On a related note, there is also a new canopy right next door at Duffy's, in place of the semi-iconic John Barleycorn sign. Loyal Barleycorners still in mourning might not want to see this:


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