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Bauer on Authenticity

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Michael Bauer responds to the NYT article that raised questions about a cuisine's authenticity when cooked by a foreigner, and he essentially says pshaw! to the whole argument: "It's an idea that's particularly relevant in the Bay Area, where many American chefs such as Craig Stoll of Delfina and Nate Appleman of A16 are producing some of the best Italian food ... Arguments about keeping a cuisine pure often fails to realize that cuisine, like culture, isn't static and is ever changing. Native chefs in Italy often experiment with flavors of different cultures. Yet when it's done by a foreigner, many are quick to claim the food isn't 'authentic.' So what is authentic? To me it's more about maintaining the techniques, principles and spirit of the cuisine rather than the specific ingredients." So there. Go America, says MB. [BauerBlog]