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EaterWire: Finale For Myth, Top Chef: New Orleans?

SHUTTERSVILLE—This weekend marks the end of the road for two high-profile restaurants, Myth and Palmetto. Preparing for a renovation, overhaul and ownership change, the finale for Myth will be tomorrow night, with the closure expected to last a little over two months at this point. Palmetto, on the other hand, will shutter after Sunday service, and it shan't be returning at any point. [EaterWire]

NEW ORLEANS—That Top Chef rumor mill just refuses to stop churning:. The latest is that conspiracy theorists are abuzz because Bravo is currently holding open auditions in New Orleans for next season. Of course, a casting call in a city is by no means an indicator that the entire fifth season will air there, but still, it would be a pretty marketable concept. The first four seasons were shot in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Miami and Chicago. [Nola]

SOUTH BAY—Let's close out the week with some adventures in marketing, courtesy of the San Jose Airport, which is ready to welcome an exciting restaurant lineup, including the following two concepts straight from Reno: "A home-grown answer to the Hard Rock Cafe - San Jose Rocks ... There will also be a Sharks-theme eatery, team CEO Greg Jamison confirmed. There's a rumor it might be named The Sharks Cage and feature a bar that looks like ice." [SJMN]