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EaterWire: Vinoteca Delayed, Ad Hoc Chicken Update

COW HOLLOWThrillist has lots of deets on La Vinoteca—including a menu and some personnel info—but may have received a taste of the Joys of Luisa today when the Union Street wine bar did, in fact, not open today. According to Ms. Hanson, La Vinoteca will be open "by Thursday, for sure." Mark your calendars. [EaterWire]

SAUSALITO—Just over that bridge thingy, Sausalito three-star Poggio will hold an "Allo Spiedo Festa" from April 29 to May 3. The special five nights of special dinners—hoped to be an annual event—will showcase the traditional Italian style of roasting meats on a spit over a live fire. The meats are served tableside from a special authentic cart and everything. More info on the official site. [EaterWire Inbox]

YOUNTVILLE—Somewhat disappointing news for fans of Ad Hoc's fried chicken (read: everyone): it seems that ex-SJ Merc food gal Carolyn Jung's revelations about Keller fried chicken being available twice a week were not entirely accurate, as a call to Ad Hoc reveals that the fabled chicken is only on the menu every other Monday and every other Wednesday. So, once a week total, for the time being, unless there's something secret astir in Kellerville. [EaterWire]


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