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Adventures in Marketing

2008_04_420.JPGWe've never actually encountered anyone who readily admits to having actually been to Supperclub, and with this in mind, we present the promotion-gone-awry of the week: Supperclub's Marijuana National Holiday Party. From SF City Dish (no, not a belated April's Fools): "This Sunday (4/20) Supperclub is going to be the hottest joint in town! In honor of America's favorite herb, the popular SOMA restaurant will be serving a special 4.20-inspired menu. The 4-course meal will be complemented by trippy performance art and Bong Vodka cocktail specials." An addendum on the official Supperclub site also promises "other delights influenced by the wonders of the pot leaf." A $42 prix fixe menu inspired by cheese doodles in a pretentious setting: what could possibly go wrong? [SF City Dish]