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Eater Inside: Beretta

Jennifer Yin, 4/14/08

The pretty gal you see above is Beretta, the transformed version of the Last Supper Club that opened about a fortnight ago. Chef/owner Ruggero Gadaldi is going for a simple niche: late night dining, pizza, antipasti and perhaps most buzzworthy to this point: high-profile, high-end cocktails. As for the space itself, just over 100 are seated between two stories, with 70 upstairs and 35 below; communal tables, vintage chandeliers (so hot right now?), various swirly murals and custom woodwork abound as well. Initial reports have been largely positive in the earlygoing, which suggests that the Last Supper Club, despite the reactionary mourning, is not missed by Missionites just yet. Further reading on Beretta can be had at Thrillist, Daily Candy, Chowhound and of course, in the Eater Archives.


1199 Valencia Street, , CA 94110 (415) 695-1199 Visit Website