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2008_04_adhoc.jpgHaving been praised by everyone from Frank Bruni to Yelpers as pretty much the best thing ever, the fried chicken at Thomas Keller's Ad Hoc is the stuff of legends, and now, it's not only confined to alternate Mondays: "Since Thomas Keller's Ad Hoc opened a year and a half ago, the storied fried chicken has been a hands-down favorite. After all, who can resist chicken brined for 10 hours in honey, salt and lemon, then dipped in buttermilk, flour, and cornmeal, before being fried crisp and golden? The fried chicken used to be available only every other Monday night at the casual restaurant, where there is only one set menu each day and everything is served family-style. Now, due to overwhelming demand, Ad Hoc has declared every Monday and every Wednesday to be fried chicken nights ... the restaurant decided to yank fried chicken from the brunch menu for good." Ed. note: UPDATE [FoodGal]