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Week in Reviews

In a special two-part series at Kuletoville (next week is Waterbar), The Bauer first takes aim at Epic Roasthouse, giving the meat half of the $27 million project its expected three stars. Anything less than a tres probably would have been a big letdown for Jan Birnbaum, Pat Kuleto and Co., but Bauer isn't completely smitten: "Is it worth the price? It depends ... Dining at Epic Roasthouse is an event, but not for the faint of appetite. The menu is designed to hit every conceivable taste: crudo, salumi, salads, hearty soups, steaks, chops and more chops. It also offers just about everything you'd find in a seafood house, including Dungeness crab and wood oven-roasted whole fish ($29). I would definitely come back again - where else can you find this view? - although I have quibbles with a few things. One is the design. I think Kuleto may have veered a little too far to the Disney side of things." [Chron]