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The Shutter Coda: Zazie Showered With Neighbor Love

Now, when Zazie shuttered temporarily for renovations a few weeks ago, we knew it was a quaint, beloved neighborhood restaurant in the uber-neighborhoody Cole Valley, but we had no idea of the rabid extent of the love. It seems that the place left out some post-it notes on its shuttered facade, and Zazie fans have gone wild. From our Cole Valley tipster: "There are literally 100s of them! This is just a small sampling of them. It would take hours to read them all... mainly because some people's handwriting is totally crap." Sorting through the various notes is one of the best things we've done in a while, and we highly recommend looking through the gallery above to read some of the best ones. Trust us. Among the highlights: "Sabrina the dog misses Monday Dog Nights!", "Uh-oh spaghetti o's!", "We came all the way from FRESNO for this", and "My stomach is crying." Stickers gone wild!
· Cheery Shutter Signage: Zazie Celebrating a "Fresh Start!" [~ESF~]


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