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54 Mint Might Have an Insect Problem

Now that fellow Mint Plaza denizens Blue Bottle Cafe and Chez Papa are both off to strong starts, we thought it time to check in with the other restaurant spaces in the promenade. The above photos were captured yesterday in the storefront of the 54 Mint Plaza space, across the alley from Blue Bottle. The 54 Mint space, largely vacant, has been curiously used as a storage/refuse space for the last several months, and as evidenced by the photos (which actually don't do the swarm justice), large amounts of flies/gnats/etc. (both dead and alive) have come along for the ride. The culprits, we're hoping, are the multiple trash bags within. As for 54 Mint's future, Jocelyn Bulow's Maktub Group has officially pulled out (they were planning a trattoria), meaning that no one has claimed the former El Balazo space just yet. Insects aside, of course.
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