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The Worst Table in San Francisco: A Special Eater Contest

Earlier in the week, we took a long look at one of the worst tables in town, but surely Capannina isn't the only restaurant offering up bad seats: tables shoved in by the bathrooms, the bar, or the kitchen, two tops by the door or in hidden alcoves where waiters will never find you. The two-top behind the piano player downstairs at Zuni comes to mind, as does the first table right in the wind tunnel by the entrance at Local. Since we're all big fans of the democratic process here, we're putting it to you. Send in your candidates for the worst tables in the city (with a picture if you can) to or leave it in the comments, and we'll put it to a big fancy vote next week. If this local primary goes well, we just might have a national election with other cities to follow.
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