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Four Barrel Won't Tolerate Subversive Muralists' Quips

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In the wake of some hipster graffiti—or something offensive of the sort—Four Barrel Coffee has taken a stand against subversive muralists in the Mission. The original unwanted "quips" have been removed/covered up so it's anyone's guess as to the nature of the offending item(s) at 375 Valencia, but some inferences can be made from Four Barrel's response letter. The handwriting is a bit hard to read off the bat, but the note goes something like this:

Dear "subversive muralist,"

Your ignorance is showing. You obviously know nothing about this business nor its practices. You know nothing about its minority owner, his history or his intentions. Instead of jumping to conclusions and writing pointless unfounded "quips," try doing something productive with your anger. Maybe it'll cure your impotence.

Fuck off [Ed. note: possibly "fuck you"],

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