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Bauer Shenanigans

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It's no secret that most restaurant industry folk—especially the more established ones—in this town know what one Michael Bauer looks like, but as Sam Breach points out, waving it in everyone's faces might be a bit much: "My own opinion of [Epic's Sunday review] was that I didn't think it read as particularly glowing and I was subsequently surprised that Epic got as many as 3 stars from Bauer. I wonder, perhaps, if Bauer & Kuleto are friends and that swayed Bauer's judgement? Consequently, I was interested to read Bauer's Notes in today's San Francisco Chronicle Food and Wine Newsletter which I subscribe to via email. Bauer's Notes: 'When I ran into Pat Kuleto at his restaurant Epic recently, he posed that question to me as he picked up and ate one of the fat grilled spears I ordered to go with the prime rib' ... What kind of 'anonymous reviewer' has a restaurant's owner eating off his plate?" [Becks & Posh]