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EaterWire: Conduit Design Wins Prize, Healthy SF Headed to Supreme Court?

THE MISSION—Some people haven't warmed up to the look yet, but the experts have filed their opinion: the SF Chapter of the American Institute of Architects has awarded architect Stanley Saitowitz and his Conduit design the "Excellence in Interior Architecture" award. There's no denying the design has provided the dining scene with a new look; congrats to all involved. [EaterWire]

SAN FRANCISCO—It could be weeks before a ruling on the Healthy SF case is made, but some are already forecasting the outcome, and it doesn't look promising for restaurants: "Sooooooo, judges not being the kind of folks who will ever admit that they are wrong...I think it is safe to assume that the Ninth Circuit will overturn the District Court ruling. The GGRA can then ask for another hearing at the Ninth Circuit with all eleven judges (called an en banc hearing) or appeal the case to the Supreme Court. Look for an appeal to the Supreme Court - I 'spect the GGRA has had about all it can take of the Ninth Circuit." [Sweet Melissa]