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BauerBetting: Waterbar

Last week, Michael Bauer let on that he's reviewing Waterbar Sunday, so we've taken a page out of the mothership's book, and put together an edition of BauerBetting. The Eater oddsmakers have set the action thusly:

Less Than 2: 100-1
2 Stars: 12-1
2.5 Stars: 5-1 ??
3 Stars: 2-1
3.5 Stars: 10-1
4 Stars: 3,000-1
The biggest piece of evidence to go off of here is the Epic review, and even though it nabbed its expected trio, the piece didn't exactly read as such. In addition to price issues, Bauer knocked the decor as veering too much to "the Disney side of things," criticisms that should carry over to the giant fish bonanza next door. Now, the odds are that Bauer continues to play it safe and Waterbar gets the same three stars. However, by most comparative accounts we've read and heard, Waterbar has been a step behind Epic. Also, remember that Bauer sang Epic's praises several times on his blog before the review dropped. The guy likes the place; meanwhile, Waterbar mentions have been practically nil. We can't see Waterbar getting 3.5 already, and a pure deuce would be a slap in the face to guy pal Kuleto, so we're rolling the dice, going against the easy tres money and taking the 2.5.
· Epic portions, epic prices at Kuleto's Roasthouse [Chron]

?? denotes the Eater bet.