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Mashups Gone Wrong: Fried Chicken + Happy Donuts

Brace, San Francisco: just in time for baseball season, Louisiana Famous Fried Chicken will be joining Happy Donuts in the space directly across the street from the ballpark. According to Happy Donuts (there may have been language barriers), Louisiana Fried Chicken will open possibly tomorrow, but definitely in time for the Giants' home opener next week. As we understand it, the two chains will share the space, feeding off the other's customers/fatties. In terms of the ballpark crowd, this location—literally across King Street—is as good as it gets and it's a shame that subpar chains have it. In fact, since last baseball season, the bar and restaurant landscape in the area has had some significant additions to the tired MoMo's: Burger Joint, Pete's, South, and uh, fried chicken 'n donuts. Come to think of it, this mashup is so wrong, it might actually work.
· Adventures in Mashups [~ESF~]