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Elitism & You

While food prices soar through the roof, local demigods like Alice Waters and Michael Pollan couldn't be happier, because it means that the playing field is leveled for boutique organic ingredients that are unaffordable for many people but may soon be more accessible. And your requisite Alice Waters' preaching quote: "'We're talking about health, we're talking about the planet, we're talking about the people who are supporting the land,' said Alice Waters, the restaurateur, who has more than once been accused of promoting a diet that is either unaffordable or unrealistic for a working person. Urging others to eat better (and thus more expensive) food is not elitist, she said. It is simply a matter of quality versus quantity and encouraging healthier, more satisfying choices. 'Make a sacrifice on the cellphone or the third pair of Nike shoes,' she said." [NYT]