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Fishy Politics

Vanity Fair surveys some of the country's most high-end, popular seafood restaurants to see who is serving endangered and overfished species like bluefin tuna, Chilean sea bass, and black grouper, and nearly every fancy seafood joint in the country makes the list of offenders, from Eric Ripert's Le Bernardin to the various Nobus to San Francisco's very own Michelin two-star, Aqua: "The survey reveals a culinary world split in two. On one side, a new wave of young, bright, passionate chefs and purveyors of seafood are going to extraordinary lengths to serve fish only from sustainable sources. On the other side, parts of the culinary establishment aren't getting the point about sustainability at all. In some of America's most reliable seafood restaurants, where the chefs are as much celebrities as the clientele, the marine equivalents of the panda, the Bengal tiger, and the orangutan are still on the menu." [Vanity Fair via Eater]