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Eater Inside: Poesia

Already holding the distinction of being the only Italian restaurant/poetry lounge in town, Poesia has its work cut out if it's going to succeed where so many others have failed: the upstairs space at 4072 18th Street. Not content with just going for a southern Italian angle, the 49-seat Poesia has tried to differentiate itself even more by taking the poetry schtick pretty far: there's that aforementioned poetry lounge, stocked bookshelves, poetry-inspired artwork, and our favorite of the lot, this little guy at the foot of the staircase, trying to entice the street-level crowd to the restaurant above. It's a small but notable operation on 18th Street, with Gregory Leon (Tapeo, Kelly's Mission Rock) in the kitchen; in the earlygoing, not a great deal of buzz has been generated outside the 'hood, so only time will tell if Poesia can turn the challenging space around.

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