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V Restaurant Vows to Be the Greenest Restaurant Ever

Feeling a wee bit left out of the Earth Day festivities, we thought it a prime time to share an email that came across the EaterWire regarding one V Restaurant. Wanting to be the greenest restaurant in the whole world (but still clearly more concept than reality), V Restaurant sends along word that it is planning on opening somewhere in the Mission in Fall 2008, and its official website is a work of beauty. And by "a work of beauty," we mean utterly, absolutely entertaining. There are loads of unforgettable nuggets to be had when sifting through the restaurant's very, very specific vision. Here are our faves, all straight from the website:

On the design: "Nearly everything is (the color) green. We will have spent 2 years scouting thrift stores, Craigslist, and garage sales; collecting used green plates, green coffee mugs, green bowls, green glasses - everything we'll need to operate a busy restaurant."

On the ambiance: "V plays only music performed by vegetarian artists."

More on the design: "You'll be surrounded by forest, emerald, pistachio, jade, hunter, chartreuse, kelly, avocado, moss, and olive greens just to name a few. Many of the elements that decorate our restaurant will have been found green. Some of them will be painted green."

On a possible delivery service:: "We will explore the possibility of offering delivery service if our customers indicate that there is a demand in the immediate area. Delivery would be made, of course, by bicycle using a basket or trailer."

On where they are keeping all those green things they found: "If you have some basement or garage space available, we need you! ... They are piled high in our tiny apartment. "

On the tourist dollar: "V is the kind of place that locals bring their out-of-town guests to give them 'the San Francisco experience.' It's a bustling place with fun music - sometimes live. It smells good and it looks good. This is the kind of place where you'll see Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, politicians, artists, performers, hipsters & hippies of all ages. Welcome home."

On how V got financial support: "V was able to reduce the amount of start up capitol needed by utilizing bartered services"

On the menu: "The menu is simple and easy to digest. Something called the Vwich has caught [someone known only as Shiv's] eye. It's a sort of peanut butter and jelly sandwich."

On the planned Critical Mass Happy Hour: "Masses usually include music, costumes, sometimes nudity, and always humor ... V supports Critical Mass and offers post-Critical Mass specials to participants."

On, um, bike messengers: "To show our respect for their dedication and radical self expression, V will offer members of the San Francisco Bicycle Association our fancy organic beer at PBR prices." (Yay, drunk bike messengers!)
· V Restaurant [Official Site]