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Post-Plywood Report: Best-O-Burger, Revealed-O

Over at Best-O-Burger, the plywood is down, the signage up and perhaps best of the all, the menu revealed. The concept, as we've discussed before, is an intriguing one: gourmet sliders in the Financial District. The interior is a spitting image of the renderings, and in itself, the menu is fairly straightforward: you order the mini-burgers by the bag, with options of one, two, three or 20 (for the office, in theory). However, the nice BoB folks may have outdone themselves with the "O" riff, seeing as how almost every single menu item incorporates it, ranging from the somewhat cute (Gelat-O Shake, Spot-O Gelato) to the downright nonsensical (Romain-O Salad, Vegg-O Burger). Bonus FiDi intel: even though the official opening isn't scheduled until May 1, Best-O-Burger will be doing sporadic test runs until then, so if you luck out, you might be able to pop in for the guinea pig treatment.
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