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2008_04_epicinsidesm.jpgLast week, Sam Breach took exception to some curious antics between Michael Bauer and Pat Kuleto at Epic Roasthouse that involved Kuleto eating a grilled asparagus spear off Bauer's plate in mid-meal. Well, Bauer responded to Breach and she has updated her post: "Needless to say I had erroneously jumped to the conclusion that there must have been some great level of intimacy for that situation to have occurred. Apparently not so and although they each know who the other is in professional terms, Michael himself explained to me he was surprised by the bravado of Kuleto's action. Another reader pointed out to me off the blog, Michael clearly felt he had nothing to hide by writing the newsletter piece in the first place, which is another point to take consideration." [Becks & Posh]