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Eater Inside Oaktown Edition: Mono

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Jennifer Yin, 4/23/08

In a very special East Bay spinoff of Eater Inside, here we have Mono. Now several weeks into dinner service, Mono is the brainchild of the husband-and-wife team of Todd Wilson and Eloisa Castillo and the latest in Oakland's steady rise to dining prominence. The space, inspired by the couple's industrial loft down the street, seats no more than a few dozen, but there's an outdoor patio for those sunny days and the seasonal menu is available at the horseshoe bar as well. With a reinvented Jack London Square area trying to make a name for itself, Mono should play a key role in bringing in new blood, and early reports have been largely positive. Given all the costs overflowing in San Francisco, we still can't help but wonder about a possible eastern migration by local restaurants.

Anyway, more Mono reading is available at the Oakland Tribune, Gastronomie, Daily Candy and Zagat.