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Mina, Mina Everywhere

2008_04_minasmall.jpgClock Bar wasn't the only project that Michael Mina revealed yesterday, as San Francisco's golden child is now adding Los Angeles to his increasingly-lengthy list of restaurant colonies: "Look for XIV ('Fourteen' for the Roman numeral-challenged), with Michael Mina at the helm, to open this fall ... The plan always was to get a pedigreed chef on board—Jean-George Vongerichten, Todd English, and Ming Tsai were all bandied about—and bringing Mina to LA is huge. But it's not like LA was ever a first choice: After his original SF debuts, he opened restaurants in Vegas, Orange County, Atlantic City, Detroit and Scottsdale before he graced us with his presence. Still, it's an impressive addition to the Sunset Strip and to SBE's chef roster" [~ELA~]