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Eater Queries: Resurrection at Old Fulton Street Bar?

Given yesterday's big LAT article about the drying of San Francisco old-school bars, the timing might be too good to be true, but it seems that after years of being dormant, the old Fulton Street Bar space at 1785 Fulton is finally seeing some action. From the Eater Inbox: "It's been over 4 years and yet nothing has come of the old Fulton Street Bar (Fulton & Masonic). The building received new windows and a paint job a couple of months ago. The for lease sign was recently removed and someone is fastidiously removing the near-nightly graffiti...but no further signs of action? Is there any word on the street as to what will become of the space?" There's been nothing new on the ABC front, but on-site inspections verify work permits, new windows, clean appearances and the like, so something is definitely astir. If you've got some juice, operators are standing by.
· Last call for many classic S.F. bars [LAT]