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The New Black (Coffee)

2008_04_coffeebar.jpgThis month's issue of San Francisco Magazine takes a long look at the new world of coffee supply and demand, canvassing the city's current obsession at places like Coffee Bar, Blue Bottle, Ritual and the like: "A new generation of café owners and roasters has burst from the dark shadow of Peet's and 'Charbucks,' luring its patrons toward a more complex and varied caffeinated frontier. Its members value lighter roasts, the better to unmask a coffee's nuanced nature...San Franciscans have been serious about coffee before. But these are heady times for the cast and castaways of a growing subculture—the artists and eccentrics, addicts and obsessives—that populates the specialty-coffee business. And they are curious times for the rest of us, who wonder not only who these oddballs are, but also whether their coffee is worth the fuss." [SFM]

Coffee Bar

1890 Bryant Street, San Francisco, CA 94110 415 551 8100