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EaterWire Midday Edition: Mario's to Shutter, Outerlands Coming to SF's Outerlands

We interrupt your regularly-scheduled programming to bring you some newsflashes from the foggy side of town. As usual, feel free to drop your sightings in the tip jar.

2008_04_marios.jpgOUTER RICHMOND—In another tale of facelifts gone wrong, Mario's Steak and Chop—once a Chinese restaurant, if we're not mistaken—will shutter tomorrow to make way for that dessert cafe at 2512 Clement (between 26th and 27th). A sarcastic commenter put it best: "Oh, they'll love that in the Richmond! The 100% Dessert cafe will last FOREVER!" [EaterWire]

OUTER SUNSET—Elsewhere on that side of town, a tipster sends word that something called Outerlands Cafe is moving into the space that once housed the very unfortunately-named Feel Real Organic Vegan Cafe, and sure enough, there a pending ABC license and everything for the corner of 45th and Judah. Anyone with info on Outerlands is encouraged to share. [EaterWire Inbox]