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Healthy SF

Now that the first round of surcharge backlash has come and gone, some San Francisco restaurants are modifying the ways that they levy those questionable health care surcharges upon diners: "'We've got some controversy about how we are telling people,' said Pomodoro chef/owner Adriano Paganini. 'Originally we had a card that we put in the 'check present' that explained what we were doing and the meaning of it.' ...Now, the cards are gone and a disclaimer has been added to the menu instead. Over at Houston's, patrons were generally unaware of the charge, because it was only listed on the receipt. 'It is not upfront,' said one patron. Now Houston's has made some changes as well. 'As of Saturday morning we printed it on our menus and we have a sign at the front door so they can also see that,' said Marge Uriu-Nocifera from Houston's." [ABC7]