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The Shutter Coda: No Comeback For Frisson

Eerily following in the footsteps of Scott Howard's abandoned comeback down the street, the guys behind Frisson—Joe Hargrave, Andrew McCormick and ex-Myth chef Sean O'Brien—have decided against the remodeling job and have instead shut down operations for good, according to Bits + Bites:

I hate to break the news, but they've decided against reopening the restaurant. Says Hargrave, 'We all had our different reasons [for backing out].' But chief among them, he says, was cost. 'It was taking us a lot longer to raise the money (some 1.4 million) for the remodel, and in the meantime we were paying $25,000 a month in rent.' The amount of debt just suddenly seemed too overwhelming, especially in the face of an economy that's weak at best.
Hargrave goes on to point out San Francisco's continued aversion from upscale restaurants, and given that three would-be overhauls (add in Myth) in the Jackson Square vicinity have now fallen through, we'd say that restaurateurs are paying attention and a little less willing to roll the dice on the economy. We're still, however, eagerly anticipating how these new Myth rumors develop, so if anyone has any conspiracy theories, do share.
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