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EaterWire: Ownership Changes at Albona, Carnelian Room

NORTH BEACH—The founder of the "first and only" Istrian restaurant on the West Coast, Bruno Viscovi, is cashing out after 20 years of business and joining the retirement circuit. Viscovi is transferring ownership of Albona to a pair of new owners he's been grooming for some time now: chef Samuel Hernandez (who's been at Albona for a decade) and his nephew Michael Bruno. Viscovi says there will be minimal changes and he's confident Albona can and will continue its strong run without him. More goodbyes from the newly-minted retiree are over on the official site. [EaterWire]

FINANCIAL DISTRICT—If the Albona ownership swap is anticipated to have little to no impact on everyday restaurant operations, then the change at the Carnelian Room will probably have even less of an impact (though that place might actually need some shakeup). A reader tipped us off that the touristy old school place was going through the some ownership changes, but in reality (read: as far as we can tell from what the resto claims), it's just the building itself that has new owners. According to the restaurant, there will be zero shuffling at work. Pity. [EaterWire Inbox]