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Eater Inside: Chez Papa

As you can see, the Mint Plaza sequel to Potrero Hill's Chez Papa is nothing like the rustic, traditional original bistro. Blacks and oranges dominate the 60-seat space, which more than a few media outlets have dubbed as "swanky." The high-ceilinged room features banquettes, a central communal table and a bar area. The chandeliers, glass tables, meticulous floral arrangements and such offer a decidedly Manhattan vibe, and in the kitchen, David Bazirgan is a legit cook (and onetime Chronicle rising star). As the first true restaurant to open in Mint Plaza, the success or failure of Chez Papa will likely have a big impact on the restaurant development of the plaza beyond its current role as "coffee thoroughfare." So for everyone's sake, let's hope that security guard isn't too off-putting.

All the Chez Papa coverage you can muster can be enjoyed right here.

Chez Papa

1401 18th Street, San Francisco, CA 94107 (415) 824-8205