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The Curious Case of Jazz at Pearl's

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Less than a month ago, Jazz at Pearl's and owner Kim Nalley sent out some teary-eyed press releases and went to the papers announcing a closure at the end of April, including memorable lines like: "trust me I would not be making this announcement if I thought there was any glimmer of hope." Now, to send out press releases about a closure is interesting in itself, but flash-forward to this week, when Nalley apparently got on stage and announced that the jazz club won't be closing after all. So what happened? According to Mme. Hopstress, Nalley got the entire club in a divorce settlement. According to Yelp, "she got a reprieve on their lease," so Pearl's can stay open, for now. According to the person who answers phones at the club, there's a new owner, and then according to the other person there, they are not talking to any press, period. Surely there's a simple explanation, but for now, the situation from start to finish seems a bit ... curious.
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