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Launches & Releases: Michael Chiarello Learns the Blogs

With a flagship store, a signature restaurant and new show all on the way, Michael Chiarello is ready to start the publicity train, and like so many celebrity chefs these days, he's taken to the blogosphere. He's already done posts on a wide variety of subjects, including his buddy Jan Birnbaum ("Y'all know I love Jan Birnbaum") and his NapaStyle project in the V Marketplace. Even though we think he missed out a gold mine by not naming the blog ChiarHello!, it's a pretty enjoyable read, if a little far on the J. Peterman side of things at times—e.g., "Enjoy blending your own olive oil out of our large fustini, and smell then sample our just-made spice rubs as we blend them daily." But best part is probably the faux painting of a posing, striking Chiarello that adorns the header, pictured above. That, friends, is Napa style.
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