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The Dish East Bay Edition: Mono, Acquacotta, Vinh Thanh

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After Chez Papa and Beretta debuted on Monday and Tuesday, respectively, 'twas a light week for The Dish in terms of openings in San Francisco, but the East Bay picked up the slack.

2008_04_mono.jpg1) Oakland: After offering only lunch service for the past some-odd weeks, Mono finally kicked off dinner this past Wednesday, effectively moving into fully-open status. The husband-and-wife effort is around the corner from Jack London Square and the design is decidedly modern, almost evoking a fancy industrial loft. Further reading on Mono can be had in the Oakland Tribune and today's Daily Candy. And NB: it rhymes with "oh no." 247 Fourth Street, at Alice Street, Oakland, (510) 834-0260; website [Eater Staff]

2) Alameda: Someone with some extra time on their hands needs to concoct a chef family tree of Chez Panisse and Oliveto vets. The most recent newbie from the long lineage comes in the form of Acquacotta. From the Chron: "Former Oliveto chef John Couacaud has opened a contemporary Italian trattoria/enoteca in Alameda. The daily changing menu includes arancini with fontina and fresh peas; and beef pot roasted in Nebbiolo ... Dinner Tuesday-Saturday." Sample menus on the official site. 1544 Webster Street, at Haight Avenue, Alameda; (510) 523-2220; website [Chron]

3) Oakland: A shift in Asian cuisine has gone down at the old Richie's dim sum restaurant, which has new owners and is now called Vinh Thanh Restaurant. From Chowhound: "The spot that used to be Richie's (corner of International & 4th) around the block from Happy Valley, is no more. Its been replaced with a Vietnamese restaurant w/ a grand opening banner ... Frankly, I'm glad Richie's is gone. The last time we were there, several years ago, each dish we ordered came out COLD, like straight from the fridge cold. Even the seafood soft tofu dish. That totally turned me off, and I couldn't set foot in that place ever again." 401 International Boulevard, at Fourth Avenue, Oakland; (510) 451-1212 [Chowhound]

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