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Post-Plywood Report: Mixt Greens #3

More plywood is en route later today, but for now, here's a sneak peek at the first Mixt Greens location to venture south of Market. As always, your sightings and/or photos are very much encouraged to

The third incarnation of uber-green business and FiDi lunch favorite Mixt Greens has set an opening date of April 15th, even though it's still in the gray area phase between Plywood and Post-Plywood, as seen from the gallery above. Like the previous two branches, this salad outpost—located in the JP Morgan Chase building at 560 Mission Street, between First and Second—will boast a myriad of high-tech green design elements. In addition to the usual energy-efficient lighting and such, among the other notable environmental amenities: recycled paint, recycled benches, recycled table-tops, recycled steel, bicycles, quarry remnant slate materials, renewable palm wood, and so much more.
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