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Rincon Rising, Kuletoville Bragging

2008_04_kulet.jpgAn article in the Business Times anoints Rincon Hill as the next culinary hotspot, with Anchor & Hope opening within weeks, and new restaurants from Michael Mina and Nancy Oakes also on tap. The full article is only for paid subscribers, but includes some very interesting tidbits about Epic and Waterbar: "Nearby, [Pat] Kuleto deemed the Rincon waterfront worth the $20 million it took to building two major new restaurants from scratch, and he said each is turning away over 500 diners daily. Once settled, he expects each to take in $1 million a month. Kuleto added that Oakes worried that his new restaurants would hurt their joint venture at Boulevard, but Boulevard's business is up more than 5 percent since the waterfront spots opened." [BizTimes]


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