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Bauer 100 Aftermath: Last Restaurant In, Plus Reactions

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The 100, sorted by cuisine: Pescheria present, Firefly left off.

As usual, Michael Bauer's list of the top 100 restaurants in the Bay Area has provoked plenty of discussion. While there might be some eyebrow-raisers among the newcomers and remnants from '07, we'd venture to say that this year, there might be more buzz surrounding those restaurants that didn't make it, particularly since one currently holds a perfect four stars (the Ritz), another had four stars until recently (Fleur de Lys) and La Taqueria has been the cheap eats delegate since the Top 100 was started in 1996.

Also notable: as Bauer mentions in his blog post today, Pescheria was the last restaurant cut, since it shuttered this weekend, and looking at the list of 100 sorted by cuisine (above), it would appear that Firefly was the last restaurant in, edging out the five extra restaurants that Bauer wanted to include: Antica Trattoria, Cesar, La Taq, Limon and Odyssey. Agree? Disagree?
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Your thoughts on the 100 in the comments. Who's missing from the list? Who should have gotten knocked off? Was it fair that Bauer penalized the Ritz for its current state of uncertainty? Discuss.