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EaterWire: Palmetto Shutter Confirmation, a Myth Return?

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COW HOLLOW—In the wake of Mme. Tablehopper's semi-rumor that Palmetto might be closing this weekend, we inquired with some folks over there and our source confirmed that their last day is indeed Sunday. We couldn't uncover anything with regards to the next tenant, but Lady Hopstress has it that that it will be a "fun, casual, seafood-based concept." As if there were any other kind of casual, seafood-based concept. [EaterWire, TH]

FINANCIAL DISTRICT—It's old news that this upcoming weekend is the the last hurrah for Myth before it goes under the knife for renovations (and in all likelihood, an ownership change). Last we heard, the sale is still not technically complete, so take this as you will, but a tipster brings word that Myth is hoping to reopen around the 20th of May. If this premature tidbit is roughly accurate, it would probably mean that Myth's physical two-month facelift likely won't be a huge one. Stay tuned ...[EaterWire Inbox]