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Spring Tracking: Dates Set For Uva Enoteca, La Vinoteca

With a pair of wine bars/enotecas on the horizon, we can't help but juxtapose the two. One is a project of two young guys embracing modern Italian cuisine, the other by an older restaurateur who has over 30 endeavors under her belt, many of which play the role of red-sauce Ital-American joints. To the tracking.

1) Lower Haight: We've already taken a sneak peek inside Uva Enoteca, courtesy of The Yin. Now, the big plywood exterior is finally down at Uva, revealing a small but slick facade. Predicting an opening is always like hitting a moving target, but co-owners Boris Nemchenok and Ben Hetzel are hoping to debut in about two weeks, even though the interior is complete. Current due date: Thursday, April 24th.

2) Cow Hollow: The paper is down at Luisa Hanson's La Vinoteca, and according to Ms. Hanson herself, La Vinoteca will open in two days' time. All licenses have apparently been procured, and looking inside, the place does indeed appear ready to roll out. The layout is essentially the same as SkipJack Sushi, but with different furniture and some new wine racks. Current due date: Thursday, April 10th.