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TrendWatch: Dessert Lounges Take Off Around the Bay

Last month saw the arrival of the area's first dessert lounge proper in NoPa's Candybar, and whether you want it or not, (at least) a pair of followers are currently ramping up in its footsteps. Your sightings are encouraged.
See what you started, Candybar? [Photo: Jennifer Yin, 3/31/08]

1) The Richmond: Details are still a bit murky on this one, but down on Clement and 26th Avenue, 100% Dessert Cafe will be moving into space occupied by Mario's Steak and Chops (2512 Clement). Going strictly off the name—and its liquor license application as a "beer and wine eating place"—it looks like a dessert place, but no word yet on whether it will veer more towards a casual cafe or like Candybar, towards a lounge. [EaterWire]

2) Berkeley: Across the bridge in the Gourmet Ghetto, people have been wondering about Cioccolata Di Vino on Shattuck and Heart, and the owner recently took to the boards to shed some light on the matter: "Thank you for your interest! I am the owner of the future Cioccolata Di Vino, a dessert and wine cafe. Offerings will include specialty desserts and a small plates menu. The wine list will be primarily Old World, with an Italian focus. I will also have a nice selection of dessert wines and ports, as well as a variety of specialty hot chocolates. I hope to begin construction in May and open over the summer." More info on Cioccolata Di Vino on its official website. [Chowhound]